A Study Finds That Massachusetts Schools Are The Best, And It Isn’t Close

One new study is confirming what we hear parents and legislators say all of the time: While not perfect, Massachusetts has the very finest school systems in the usa. Personal finance website WalletHub used 21 metrics to measure quality and security, both of which the Bay State finished first in, meaning a first-place overall rank by a large margin.

The highest math test scores? Massachusetts. Reading test scores? Massachusetts. We’re also tied in first with Connecticut for the highest median ACT scores. The median SAT scores slumped to 24th but not enough to ding the total mark.

The analysis also determined Massachusetts maintains the lowest percentage of high school students that are threatened and/or injured. The state is sixth in bullying incidence prices.

Massachusetts finished with a complete quality/safety score of 78.16. Second-place New Jersey had a 66.92, and third-place New Hampshire and Wisconsin had scores of 64.25.

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