16 Astonishing (And Adorable!) DIY Toilet Organization and Storage

No matter what…I always run out of room in the bathroom as far as storage goes.

And who doesn’t have major fights with rubber bands (strands of hair attached), hair dryers, towels on the ground, and cluttered cupboards?

Check out my post on wonderful under-the-sink storage hacks…but if you’re looking for a little more in the porcelain palace room…then this is the place for you.

Yard Sale “Junk”

‘One guy’s trash is just another guy’s treasure’. When it comes to yard sales, well that’s me. You really can score some cool items to decorate your home with from yard sales.

Collectors coins, Mason jars, wooden pallets, cartons, old coffee cans … I mean it’s the best place to get creative! You can upcycle so many things into cute additions to your house. I particularly adored old cartons to decorate and use for storage.

Rope Ornamentation

This really is particularly wonderful if you enjoy the nautical or pastoral appearance. Some amazing knots here and there, somewhere to hang pictures, rope embroidered mirrors or towels hangers… The ideas are limitless, actually.

Repurposed Plant Holders

Hanging some plant holders from a wall is an excellent solution to put away hair styling appliances and products. They are able to seem extremely adorable or you’ll be able to paint and style them to fit your décor.

Magnetic Strips

It’s a quick solution to discovering bobby pins, clippers, tweezers, etc. And you can really put it pretty much anywhere. I enjoy running it along the interior of one of my cupboards. I do not need to go digging to pluck my eyebrows anymore! It’s so nice.

Book Shelves

Of course book shelves work anywhere! Duh…but it never dawned on me until I researched it. Above the door is a great place to work a book shelf because it utilizes that empty space. Remember you want to keep it cute though. So don’t just throw things up there. Mason jars or bamboo baskets will still look cute on shelf spaces.

Office Supplies for Storage

Seriously these mesh baskets rock. You can really stick them anywhere to hold your hair appliances. I like hanging mine inside a cupboard door since the mesh doesn’t really match with my bathroom. It’s really nice for holding toilet paper or towels too.

Magnetic Makeup Plank

This has solved all problems with makeup clutter in drawers. Just use a simple cookie sheet, magnetize your makeup container bottoms (and cups to hold brushed and mascara) and voila, it’s the perfect solution to makeup clutter. It’s so easy to find everything now—I love it.

Two Shower Curtains

This is more of a design one, but it looks super cute with hefty, drape-like shower curtains. It makes a bathroom feel more cozy. Additionally, consider using beautiful rugs in your bathroom that match the curtain for an overall-fancy feel.

Colorful Shower Time

Yeah, this is again more about style, but style helps organization. The kids love the color. And who am I kidding, I love the color too. It’s so fun and is just one of those additional style choices that makes a bathroom extra unique.

Hanging Baskets

Tired of the same-old shelves? Use baskets instead. I love this hanging basket choice. Just use some strong cord/rope and scale the baskets from little to biggest at the bottom.

Baskets Rather Than Shelves

More on baskets…I’m a big fan. This look is great for towels and little toiletries. This works wonderful in guest bathrooms too…a nice place to store amenities they can take advantage of in your home.

Personal Shelves

Personalized shelves…they’re amazing. Paint some boxes, stencil the names on them, and boom…instant success at stopping all storage-wars between the kids. Everything has a place, AND it’s super easy for them to reach everything they need.

DIY Magazine Rack

Who doesn’t like some reading material? It’s a great amenity.

Here’s a tutorial from fourgenerationsoneroof.com: http://www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com/2013/04/bathroom-diy-magazine-rack-tutorial

Wood Pallets

Wood pallets are all the rage for a good reason. They are super versatile and you can pain them to fit any room. They’re a great option for open shelf storage in the bathroom.

Use Empty Space

Whether it’s between mirrors, whichever wall, behind the doorway, or the sink, there are many approaches to creating space solutions in every bathroom. Utilize the space.

Time For A Bathroom Upgrade

Budget for home upgrades. They add significant value to your home and, even if you’re not planning on selling soon, it makes your home so much more desirable. You can start with little fixes like updating appliances or painting the walls. If you don’t have under-sink storage, maybe a vanity or a cupboard would be great to install. Invest in your home. And upgrading the bathroom with storage space in mind will do wonders for your peace of mind and the appearance of your home.

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