3 Easy Ways You Can Live More Sustainably Today

I believe my primary focus for house and my family has been sustainability recently.

Yeah, I think it’s fashionable, but nonetheless, it also only really catches my attention because I’m enthusiastic about taking good care of my loved ones and myself. And I care about saving money and being self sufficient.

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents were quite self sufficient, and I’ve been attempting to return to that method of living.

You might have read my other post about herb garden in little flat space. I wrote it from the view from when I had a tiny quantity of space and little cash. So I believe that’s helpful if you’re in that scenario.

For me, I’ve been able to move out into a place with garden space, a larger backyard.

This post may also be a bit more geared towards people that have homes and outside, yet, I do believe there are methods to get things work in whatever space you’re in (talking from experience).

Here are 3 easy ways you can begin living more sustainably now.


I bet you saw this one coming.

It truly is the simplest thing you could do now to begin being self sufficient and sustainable.

I’m lucky to have city garbage bins that provide recycling of some materials. Even if it does take a little more time to clean and sort. We use these sorting-friendly bins for simple sorting in my house.

Go to iwanttoberecycled.com to discover more about recycling in your town!

Along with simply reusing everything upcycling and cutting back on throwaway things will help make a significant difference in being sustainable. I package real silverware and I frequently reuse lunch sacks if they’re clean enough. I also have a trusted waterbottle from REI that I drink from on a regular basis.

And ultimately, a fun part of sustainability and recycling is being creative with your waste. I like making presents outside of stuff that most folks would throw away.

I definitely adore the small wine cork succulents.



I am aware this is an easier idea for those who possess space and a backyard. But I’ll say that it’s doable on a little scale in an apartment.

For homes that are small, growing on a veranda or on a fire escape, where there’s room, is a good approach to get berries and fresh veggies. This will allow you to live on a budget and in a tiny space.

Even a little garden can help you eat fresh, freeze, and maybe even can and save money.


For people with room, make the most of it! Grow fruit trees, some luscious veggies, get into it.

It’s possible for you to eat wholesome and fresh all of the time. You freeze and can whatever you don’t eat. And you are going to save buckets of cash. Trust me. Horticulture is the method to really go.


Bonus: Nothing beats that feeling when you’re eating all your own food that you provided for yourself like the self-sufficient person you are.


This was so much fun as a child (and your children should love them also!). This was clearly one of the very first things we did when we went into our new house.

The fresh eggs conserve money (and there are always plenty!). Additionally chickens don’t want a lot of space and they create compost for the soil in your garden. So, they’re worth it.

Chicken runs are fairly simple as far as building things goes. Keep in mind to utilize recycled materials to be truly sustainable.


Bonus Sustainability Badge: Solar Power

Ha! I’d wager you didn’t think you were going to get a bonus in the ending, huh?

Solar power is more easy to get and less expensive to have than ever. Take a look at my blog post on solar home systems.

Solar energy not only saves you a great deal of cash (like thousands) over time, but additionally it is very clean, renewable, and sustainable.

Based on which type of solar power alternative you get (PPA, lease, or purchase), you can get your solar panels up and installed in your roof at no cost to you personally. You’d only contract together with the solar business for your electricity. So essentially they put up a power system at no cost on your own roof and then you pay your electricity bills at a lower cost.

Or you also can always simply buy them outright. Although the prices are a bit steep in the beginning, this approach does save you the most, making your energy bills nearly entirely nonexistent.

There are really so many alternatives at first I felt lost. There are so many options at first I felt so lost. But then I got a hold of these guys, and they helped me understand my options, they gave me a free solar quote and they helped me understand what was good for my house and what wasn’t.

I’m already saving money.


There you’ve got it 3 (plus a bonus) ways to living more sustainably. Absolutely simple, completely worth it. You’ll be well on your way to self sufficiency and saving money immediately.

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