How Do Home Solar Power Systems Work—Are They Worth It?

Solar energy—my favourite child in the green energy family.

We amassing electricity from our central star. How cool!

I recall solar power being this rich-person thing. Or at least it appeared to me that you had to be rich to get them.

Being the small science-loving child in an average-income family, I was quite put out when my parents said they couldn’t manage them.

I’ve looked into getting them for my home, and I excited to report that it’s really way more than affordable!

You Can Totally Afford It

So essentially due to rebates and solar tax incentives, you can totally reduce the expenses of installing a home solar electricity system. And in the event you can’t use them all in one year, the credits roll over into the following tax year.


Moreover, these bonuses and rebates allow it to be feasible for solar companies to contract for affordable solar options with you.

These solar-experts actually helped me figure out what option would be greatest and if solar would be valuable for you if you’re interested.

What Financing Options Are There For Solar Power?

In the event that you don’t actually have some savings, the PPA is wonderful, and you also don’t need to invest a lot of cash into solar. You contract together with the solar business for about 20 years. Now, that may seem like a lot, but actually, are you changing power companies that regularly anyways? Me neither. So essentially the solar business comes out and installs the solar panels at NO COST! For real! It’s free setup (can you tell I’m excited?). And you don’t need to cover the solar panels. It’s essentially like you’re simply purchasing that electricity from them and after letting them set up a small power station in your roof.

The lease option is essentially something similar except you’re paying small amounts monthly on the panels. Normally this alternative is great for folks with some savings and who would like to spend somewhat more one day to possess the panels.

Subsequently of course, the panels can be purchased by you. This choice is best for families who are able to foot the upfront prices. If you can, then absolutely worth it. You cut your electricity bill down to nothing with this model. No more electricity bills.

How Can Solar Power Work Anyways?

Most of us know of how solar power works due to the popularity of solar panels.

Getting solar panels can save you a huge number of dollars over the years.

Basically, the sun collects through semiconductor substances called solar cells. They go through the cell and the electrons are loosened from their atoms and make energy.

In running automobiles and even in our bodies, most energy is lost. We do use half the energy we generate in the conversion. However they still work great and we want them.

So when I say that solar panels are around 22% effective, it might not sound like much, but it’s actually really good.

Solar electricity has a DC current, but it has to be converted to AC by solar inverters (because that’s what the power grid and our appliances run on). Subsequently energy is supplied by the electric panel to your appliances.

Generally, there’s a battery of some kind that holds the surplus energy until it’s desired, including through the nighttime.

A utility meter will also measure the energy you use and what the power company is gathering from you. This results in cuts on your power bills or even your energy company owing you for the energy you supply back to the grid.

What Else Is Solar Power Good For?

Solar power is sustainable, clean, and versatile.

Solar powers cottages in the woods up to satellites in space. It’s used in anything as small as solar pavement lights all the way to even powering automobiles in the future.

To me, that’s really cool.

So Is A Solar Power System Worth It?

Solar power has many functions, and it’s also an ever-expanding industry.

It’s going to reduce energy bills irrespective of which kind of contract that is chosen. And there are many options to pick from to be able to fund your own solar power arrays—whatever period of home ownership you’re at.

Above all, it reduces your carbon footprint. Solar power is sustainable and clean. We actually have to step away from fossil fuels that are quite limited and dependent on foreign politics, and embrace the future with practical, sustainable, and homegrown energy.

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