7 Real Simple Under-The-Sink-Storage Hacks

Lift your hand if you struggle with clutter-piles and counter space (me also!).

I believe we all do at some stage or another. Worry no more, in case you’re feeling as if you need to knock 15 bathroom cleaner bottles out of the way only to get to the additional rolls of toilet paper.

Clean up with some of these hacks that are simple and bid farewell to the tension headaches and the mess.

Box it Up


We like to think in boxes. And it’s a basic principle of organization. So divide things up and put similar things together. Your brain will thank you.

That way things are simple to discover and it’s emotionally appealing to see whatever is within their area. This will blast away any anxiety you’ve got with your mess.

Arrange Cosmetics & Toiletries With See Through Cartons

These see-through baskets are important space savers! I changed to these for my children and it’s helped reduce drama and mess.

Having them see through makes it so you don’t have to pull out each one to see what’s in there.

They’re great for storing towels, cotton balls, toiletries, perfumes, and whatever else you can think of.

You can also use this in your kitchen as well–it’s great for holding cleaning towels, scrubbies, gloves, and paper towels.

Caddies Aren’t Only For Showers

Caddies undoubtedly make shower clutter virtually nonexistent, and they work virtually everywhere! Stick on a caddie above a drawer or on the back of a door.

Go for an over-the-door stand to help in keeping other materials arranged behind the storage room or your restroom door.

Speaking Of Cleaning Supplies…Stressful


What a wreck, amiright??? Right.

This issue caused me headache after tension-fueled headache.

Subsequently I discovered this idea called a tension pole and it is super convenient for hanging bottles off of.

Phew, doesn’t that seem far better! The tension pole makes for simple bottle-hanging, so they’re not taking up room on the underside of your under-sink-storage. They’re not bulky up there!

Keeps things clean and simple to reach anytime you want it!

Professional Help


Okay, not THAT professional, but think beyond the box.

Use everyday office items to organize your home. Even filing cabinets and baskets can be awesome tools.

Lazy Suzan

Any spinning stand will do.

I actually enjoy this one from Target, myself.

I like that it looks more elegant than a spice rack that is plastic. And it’s two ledges instead of one!

This really is perfect for cottonswabs, colognes, my make-up, moisturizers, and other various bottles.

I’ll say that whirling spice racks may be an excellent option for cleaning bottles and other stuff under your sink! In the event that you don’t do the tension pole, then undoubtedly stick them on a lazy suzan for storage and simple accessibility!

Make It Cute

This possibly seems silly since no one is actually looking under your sink and in your cupboards much. But the more cute and more organized something seems, the much more likely you’re to keep it that way!

Use attractive contact contact paper to make a space look cute and clean (nice for covering rippled or water damaged wood).

I mean, you’re in there quite regularly. And it feels good to do these little things for yourself.

It makes otherwise unpleasant places attractive and organized looking.

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